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A claimant needing information about …

  • An existing claim?
    Please contact your adjuster by phone or email. If you're not sure who that is, call us at 800-845-2724, extension 45167. You can also email an Existing Claim Inquiry form and one of our claims representatives will be happy to respond to your questions.

An insured needing information about …

  • How to pay your bill, or billing in general?
    First, please contact your agent for assistance. Your agent has details about your account and can best assist you.
    Online: You can also log into our secure site for information.
    • Voluntary Policies — Your independent agent placed your policy with us. Your policy isn't necessarily workers' compensation, but may be something else, such as condominium coverage or other business insurance.
    • Assigned Risk Policies— Your policy number begins with one of these prefixes: SCW, WAL, WAR, WDC, WGA, WNC, WNJ, WTN, WVA
    Email: Please complete a Billing Information Request.
    Phone: 800-845-2724, option 0 or 5. Choose option 4 for our 24-hour automated billing information system.
    Fax: 803-264-0917
    Overnight Address for Payments: 221 Dawson Rd, Columbia, SC 29223
    Address for Policy Payments: Please mail to the address on your pay stub. If you do not have a pay stub, please send to P.O. Box 100165, Columbia, SC 29202-3165

  • How to file a claim?
    Remember, the sooner you file the claim the sooner we can get to work for you! First, complete the appropriate claims form.
    Email: Email it to us. Email is the most efficient way for you to file your claim.
    Online: Our insured customers can report a claim online with a valid policy number and ZIP code.
    Fax: 877-379-7389
    Phone: 800-845-2724, option 2. We're available 24 hours a day
  • Your policy, or safety or loss control?
    If you have questions about your policy, please remember your agent is the primary source for details and often has the most information that will be helpful to you. If you still have questions, please call 800-845-2724, option 5. You can also email us a Policy Information Request .

    If you have a question for our safety and loss control staff, please call 800-845-2724, option 7. You can also email us a Safety/Loss Control Information Request.
  • Your premium audit or loss runs?
    For premium audit information:
    Phone: 800-845-2724, extension 40650
    Fax: 803-264-9414
    Email: Please complete a Premium Audit Information Request.
    If you have a dispute, you can also mail us at Attn: Premium Audit Department-Dispute, P.O. Box 100165, Columbia, SC 29202

    For loss run information, please complete a Loss Run Report Request.
  • A medical bill or a doctor for an injured employee?
    Providers most often submit their bills directly to us. If you or your injured employee are receiving medical bills, please send them to your claims representative. Be sure to include the employee's name, employer's name, date of injury and the claim number if you know it.

    If you need help in making decisions about your employee's medical care, or need information on how we can establish a customized physician panel for your workers' compensation program, please call 800-845-2724, extension 45167.

A provider needing information about …

  • A medical bill?
    If you have submitted a bill to us, you can use our secure online tool .

    If you want to appeal an adjudicated medical bill, please include the original bill, the Explanation of Review we sent with the remittance and the nature of your appeal.
    Address: P.O. Box 100165, Columbia, SC 29202
  • Submitting a bill for payment?
    Please include the patient's full name, date of birth, date of injury and claim number.
    Address: P.O. Box 100165, Columbia, SC 29202